Saturday, December 26, 2009

Solar Skin

So one of the side effects of our indoor life style is skin disorders, mainly from the lack of Vitamin D. The remedy according to my online research? Supplements or sun tanning. Costco now has a liquid supplement from Wellesse that you don't have to refridgerate and tastes great. Just shake and take your teaspoons. We are hoping that some of the imune strengthening benefits include reducing the exema (skin rash) that a youngster in our house is getting.

I'm rather surprised that this large bottle (32 oz) doesn't have a childproof cap on it though because the AppleBerry flavor is well liked by every member of the family. If you purchase this keep it well out of the way of curious youngsters as they'll think that it is fancy fruit juice and then we'll be looking at the symptoms of Vitamin D overdose. There are 190 tsps in the recyclable bottle (1 tsp for kids, 2 tsp for adults per day) and price wise it does run a bit more but if you or a youngster has trouble with swollowing pills this is a way to get their vitamins that they actually ask for.

Vitamin D is also good for bone growth. The same youngster broke an arm this fall so this year the supplement is doing double duty. If you don't want to get this vitamin thru a supplement then your body will convert sunshine into Vitamin D. Don't put your suntan lotion on until you've been in the sun around 15 minutes.

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