Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Better Mousetraps - It's a done deal

Ok, yes this post is really about mousetraps. I happened to have a need for it since an extended family of mice invaded my garage and helped themselves to my "in case Bush gets us nuked" food supply.

Damn rodents! And I don't just mean the mice.

So on to the actual mousetrap. It's called "Victor Quick Set Mousetraps". I got it at my local Freddys. Smashed fingers, bloody rubber gloves are all now a thing of the past. Yipee!

Victor Mousetraps link Scroll down to the mid page "value added traps". It's made out of plastic, not wood.

Love it! Works just like a regular trap except you open it like a closepin and it stays open. Put peanut butter as usual but on the upper part of the clip. A little foot pedal sticks out for the mouse to step on and Snap! No more putting on the rubber gloves and trying to stay away from the bloody wire while you reset the old kind. (I usually give up and toss the whole thing) Nope, just give this Quick Set one a squeeze and the mouse falls out and at the same time it is reset and ready to go again.

Great engineering, I wish I'd known about them years before.

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